Sorry I spent the last days working in some cute baby photoshoot and have not time to prepare our Boudoir Tutorial. But, I finished today and after tomorrow I can work hard for our first experience together. 

Write to me if you have some question or curiosity about Boudoir. We will see us soon.




Capoeira Photography II

I had a great time talking with friends about the last picture. Unfortunately was not so difficult to make that (if was than we have a lot to talk, hehehe). But let me tell you how I did.

Well, Rio de Janeiro is a amazing city. You can do many great and different shoot there. I was doing a beauty shoot for Fabiana Correia,  she work with me in Brazil (and  she is one of my favorite friends). I really don’t remember exactly what time was, but was early in the morning. Her brother (Capoeira teacher) was with us there and we invited him to some clicks. After some jumps (not too much) I had the perfect time. Jéssica Cunha, our model, was super easy to work too, that’s made all good to me.

But, before you ask me how I made two guys jump in the perfect time… huuumm. I love this picture, but Flávio was the only guy jumping there. For post here and we talk about I thought “this can be better” and… Photoshop is my answer for you. No mystery.  Just cut, clean, move here, move there and after some hours I had what I wanted.


I am happy about the feedback of this picture. Was a special day and all the good vibes are clear there.  And now gave to me the opportunity to meet old and new friends of photography.  Great!


For the next post I will try to prepare a boudoir photo shoot. Is a style that I like too much and we can do some step by step about that.

Thanks for your time,  (special Greetings to Malta,  thanks for follow me).

See you next time!


Hello, you!

Hello, I’m Luah Figueiredo and this is our space to share all about Photography. I’m happy  to see you here and I hope we can have a lot of great moments together.

I’m photographer  since 13 years, but this mean only that I started to come in to this world in this time. I feel yet that  have a lot of to study and learn. And this is wonderful! When I studied photography the digital camera was totally new for us. Oh, I remember my first contact with Photoshop, uau! My first camera was one Sony Cybershoot 5. Ok, ok, you can say “but this is not exactly a camera for photographers”. I agree 100%! Nonetheless my first job was social  photography in some Website  (also new at the time), and the camera was perfect for this. In the end I was happy with this.

I don’t know  how is your feelings about cameras. All my short photography’life I had the same feeling like boys have about their bodies. This is totally wrong. Your camera don’t work without you, and if you are not a good driver, oh, oh, oh, forget! This is so obviously, but was hard to learn.

Well, I don’t wanna be longest today. This is my first time writing  in English too, than be nice if I wrote some wrong. I will try my best, I promise to you. For today my choice is one picture of me, just to say hello. But for our next meeting we can start to look some pictures of my portfolio and talk about. You can write  in the comments your Blog, page, website, Instagram or wherever  do you have. Will be nice to see your clicks too.

Luah Figueiredo

Nice to meet you, see you the next time. Have a good week!